Get Certified

SGCC is the third party sponsor of a certification program, which provides for the certification of safety glazing materials. In order for a product to be certified in the SGCC certification program, we must receive four (4) things:

    1. Signed License Agreements
    2. Completed SGCC Pre-issued Number Form and Application (SD-06)
    3. Passing test reports (Report test date must not be older than 60 days at time of submital to SGCC)
    4. Payment for appropriate certification fees

If you are already a licensee of the SGCC program with currently certified products, then a License Agreement should already be on file.

The very first test of a product, before SGCC authorizes certification of that product, is referred to as a “prototype” test. Prototype testing to ANSI Z97.1 / CPSC 16 CFR 1201 (Composite) may be done whenever you are ready to submit samples. Testing to ANSI Z97.1 / CPSC 16 CFR 1201 and CAN/CGSB is referred to as "COMP+CAN". These prototype samples do not need to be selected or labeled by SGCC, but testing must be performed by an SGCC approved laboratory on each thickness you wish to certify. Testing should be performed on four (4) samples measuring 34x76 inch for an unlimited size classification “U”, meaning you may certify any size of that thickness. When testing laminated glass, three (3) additional 12x12 inch samples are needed for boil testing, see Guidance for SGCC Certification of Laminated Glass for more details regarding laminated products. Once passing test results have been achieved, the report should be forwarded to SGCC for review. Prototype testing will be invoiced by the laboratory.  Test reports are valid for initial certification if the report date is within 60 days.

Once SGCC receives the passing test report, an Invoice for the appropriate certification fees will be sent to you. Upon receipt of payment of this invoice, SGCC will issue the appropriate SGCC number(s), and authorize you to use the SGCC logo and number on your product(s). After SGCC authorization to label, the SGCC logo and number must only be applied to product(s) of like fabrication as the prototype sample(s).

Once a product is certified in the SGCC program, SGCC will conduct an inspection and selection of your product(s) at your facility once in each 6 month cycle (F) First half of year and (L) Last half of year. You will then be required to ship the selected product(s) to the SGCC approved test laboratory of your choice for testing. All correspondence, invoicing, and communication regarding this process shall be coordinated through the SGCC office.

In addition to testing, SGCC requires licensees to have a working quality assurance program for the fabrication of safety glazing. Compliance to quality assurance requirements will be validated at the first plant inspection after products are certified. SGCC does not define the type or details of a program; simply that one must be in place. Adherence is verified during twice per year plant visits. These requirements were adopted to improve the overall quality of safety glazing products in the program. A licensee’s quality assurance program, as a minimum, must have the following elements:

a)     A Quality Manual,

b)     A designated point of contact,

c)     Written procedures, and

d)     Regular production product testing.

e)     Types of in-house testing performed at your facility

f)      Frequency of that testing

g)     Documentation and retention policy of those results


It is important to remember that the SGCC program not only tests your ability to properly fabricate the product, but also your ability to properly label the product. Non-compliance with the program can occur both for failing test results and for improper labeling. Labeling requirements are contained in the SGCC Certified Products directory (CPD), procedural guide section (a copy of the CPD can be downloaded off the website). 

Thank you again for your interest in the SGCC program.  If you should need any further information, or if we may assist in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

FAQ About New Certification

Q: How many pieces of glass do I send to the lab for prototypes?
 A: 4 pieces of glass should be sent for each thickness of tempered glass products

Q: What size samples do I send to the lab for prototypes?
A: 34" x 76"

Q: How many pieces of glass do I send for laminated glass prototypes?
A: 4 pieces 34" x 76" for impact testing and 3 pieces 12"x12" for boil testing
*Please contact our office for more direction on laminated prototype testing

Q: What is the cost of prototype testing?
A: Please contact the laboratory of your choice on the SGCC approved laboratory list for pricing of prototype testing

Q: How long does testing take?
A: Once samples are received at the laboratory, testing can take between 1 and 3 weeks, please contact the laboratory of your choice from the SGCC approved laboratory list to inquire as to time frame for your job.

Q: What do I do once I receive my reports from the test lab?
A: Provide those test reports to SGCC by emailing them to

Q: How long after testing will I receive my certification from SGCC?
A: Once SGCC has received your application, passing test reports, license agreement and payment for certification, your certification will be released within a week.